Still Holding on! Thank you Jesus!


I just want to say thank you today. Thank you Lord for your love and abundant grace.  Lord I thank you for taking this mess of a woman; these filthy rags  and transforming me into the image of your Son Jesus. Lord I thank you for helping me to hold on to your hand. Lord I thank you that you hear me and you listen to all my ramblings, my so-called secrets and my cry yet you do not condemn or criticize me. I thank you for never leaving me or forsaking me. Thank you for wiping away every tear from my eyes, that so desperately long to see your face. Thank you Jesus for SHOWING me what it is to be loved completely and unconditionally, I would never have known it except for you.  Thank you Lord for strengthening me to love others the way that you do. I can’t do this thing called life without you oh God, I can’t walk this thing out without you in my life, I need you Lord! Thank you for delivering me out of the pit and placing me on a firm foundation Lord. Thank you for not leaving me in my mess. Thank you for your precious Blood. Hallelujah! Lord I thank you for your presence, My God what can I say about your presence, how can I dare to describe it? There is no other locale, position or place I would rather continually be. Lord I want to thank you for healing my body, hallelujah! Thank you for supplying all of my needs. You are so wonderful God. Thank you for being my Best friend, my Master, my Teacher. There is no life without you oh God. Lord I thank you for helping me to hold on to your hand. Your hand is so strong and merciful, full of strength and compassion. I thirst after you Lord and I am hungry for you, only in your presence am I satisfied! Thank you for your purposes and your plans, they are so good for me! Lord help me to be a blessing to your people. Help me Lord to get out of myself and into the needs of others. What a Wonder you are Lord, there is  No one! like you God! So gentle and kind, full of mercy and forgiveness. Thank you for restoring to me the joy of my salvation! I love you so much My Lord, help me to show you more and more every day.

Your Daughter,


The true meaning and value of compassion Pt 1.

When you think of compassion …what comes to mind?

about 4 years ago, for me I would have said ….feeling sorry or being compelled to help someone who was going through in some way. However now, the Lord has truly taught me about compassion….. through my own pain and suffering.


September of 2006 I was at work, just walking across the floor of the office when all of a sudden I had a pain so sharp hit me in my lower back like a knife. It caused me to drop slowly to the floor. For the next 3 months I was hospitalized off and on and during this process i began to lose feeling in my right leg and foot, until I totally lost all feeling. Other symptoms came with this that were unexplainable to the physicians…loss of bladder control and bleeding from the rectum. During one of my two week stays at the hospital, I lost my father. He came to visit me the night he died. He came to bring me my favorite take out and watch a movie with me on my laptop. While he was there he tried to console my concerns about how I would take care of my children and bills being in the condition I was in. His last words to me were” Don’t worry about anything Carman, I am going to help take care of you, as long as you have me , you don’t have to worry about anything”. He then kissed me on my forehead went home at 12:00am, and between that time and 4:00 am he died in his sleep of heart disease.


To be continued…