A Warning: To the lying prophets in America

America IS GOING TO see the Judgment of God: Captivity, sword, famine, and death. Yet you say to the people in my name “Blessing, prosperity, safety and peace” and you were NOT sent. You are lying to the people and telling them that there will be no captivity, sword, famine or death.YOU WERE NOT SENT, NEITHER WERE YOU COMMANDED , NEITHER SPAKE I UNTO YOU! You prophesy a false vision and DIVINATION, a thing of NOUGHT…out of the DECEIT OF YOUR OWN HEART. Therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name and I sent them not, yet they say “there will be no captivity, sword, famine or death”… BY CAPTIVITY, SWORD, FAMINE, AND DEATH…YOU WILL BE CONSUMED! 

3 thoughts on “A Warning: To the lying prophets in America

  1. Apostle George Paulk Jr says:

    Many False Christ have arised just as Jesus Told the. Disciples it would be and we are Living and seeing Seducing spirits and Doctrines of devils from false men and women who Do Not have the Holy Ghost Nor have been sent appointed nor Anointed by Jesus . it the spirit of error and deception the have. Judement is already upon them and America. This Is the Same Word The Holy Ghost gave me October 2015 and I’ve been Warning those who operate in this manner. Woe unto the Disobedience of the wicked. Apostle George

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  2. 1apostleothabell says:

    My Sister!
    Amen. The Word is indeed a Word from the Lord. As the Scriptures say, in the mouth of two or three witnesses let my Word be established. I have been preaching and teaching the same message for a number of years, only to be labeled a doomsday prophet. But let God be true and every man be a liar.


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