Tidbit of Truth

Dont talk

If you can find someone that is submitted to God, then you will find a person that knows what LOVE really is, because God IS love. Love is totally selfless and it is expressed through action.

3 thoughts on “Tidbit of Truth

  1. Kelvin says:

    Unfortunately I tend to overwhelm women with gifts, time, and love! I would love to settle down, but I just broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years and fiancée of 2 months because we were unequally yoked! Not tryna to start anything right away, but I know now I need someone in ministry that understands spiritual warfare! I thought I had found that woman but the search continues! #proverbs31woman


  2. PRINCE says:

    “ONE LOVE” — FIRST > Love “The LORD GOD JEHOVA ALMIGHTY” With All Your Heart-Soul-Spirit-Substances. SECOND > Love Your Neighbour As Yourself. For “LOVE GLORIFY GOD AND GOD GLORIFY GOD”. > This Three Things – FAITH-HOPE-LOVE AND THE GREATEST IS LOVE

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