Prophetic Word 10.15.13

I have loved you with an Everlasting Love.

No longer are the days of being downtrodden and broken in your soul!  Your days of poverty and defeat are OVER saith the Lord. Let your spirit receive the witness that My Spirit is bearing to you, that Victory is yours NOW. First in the spirit it must take place with you my beloved, then you will begin to see it manifest in the natural realm. The enemy of your soul has tried to blanket your awareness to the supernatural by suggesting to you, in your times of testing that you should remain comfortable or complacent in your circumstance.Bringing about a sense of hopelessness that births the stronghold that says things for you won’t change! MY child I have not called you to a place of comfort or complacency, but contentment. The contentment I have called you to is a place in your spirit that says My Father said it…no matter what…I believe Him!  You are in this world but not of it my child. I gave you my Holy Spirit to bring comfort to you while living in this foreign land. The day of your bondage is over! The days that are springing forth for you now are times in which you will have to ask yourself…”Am I dreaming?” “Is this real?” But I tell you it is more real than anything your senses have known. I am doing this for you because I Love you…I have ALWAYS Loved you, in spite of your flaws…in spite of anything you could do or say against me. My Love isn’t dependent upon you my beloved. For my Grace is greater than your sin. My heart is bigger than your problems and challenges. I am King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I will do as I please…and it pleases me to see you Victorious. I saw it when they took from you. I saw it when they abused you and called you names.I saw it when you lost EVERYTHING, I saw when they broke your heart and spirit beloved. But you stood and dwelt and remained in the secret place. I am pouring out even the Double portion for you in this time. Yours, is to do nothing but receive of Me saith the Lord.

9 thoughts on “Prophetic Word 10.15.13

  1. Tony ; Determined Believing BIG Man of GOD says:

    Praise God, good timing, God Timing. Im chocking back the tears, literally.
    There is so much that God is doing and has done, and the adversary is continually coming in to kill steal and destroy the wonderful works of GOD. I praise GOD for his love and mercy.
    I pray for GODs protection and for His love peace and joy to pour over your heart Carman. God bless You. Gods Love and All of mine. I pray in like minded agreement, GODS Provision and GODS Prosperity is pouring all over your life every day in ALL things. in the name of JESUS CHRIST, i pray. amen. God bless You.


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