Even if…


Do we really think about how Sovereign and awesome God is? Do we really think about how Holy and powerful He is?

God of the whole universe who is seated on this amazing throne in heaven cares about….US!

I am guilty of not always acknowledging the majesty of God or His Lordship over all things. As a matter of fact I tend to make the problems in my life bigger than God, not only this but I also tend to think about what I am facing more than the ONE whom I must face one day.

As I have been examining myself, I have found that I have been disappointed about the trials that I have had to face in my life. They seem repetitive and constant, which can be down right discouraging. As I was praying last night, the Lord said to me… Even if you never see the manifestation of the things that you have asked of me…would you still follow me?

This question ignited a dormant feeling of love and humility from the depths of my being.

I cried out with massive tears filling my eyes…..Yes God I LOVE YOU from my heart!

I felt as though it was one of my parents essentially asking…Do you love me? Can you trust me?

You see, God…this same Majestic God that is seated on a throne where angels are constantly worshipping Him, thought enough of me, this little woman from Marietta Georgia; to send His Son as a sacrifice to loose me from my bonds and pull me out of a pit, by dying on a bloody cross.

How could I not be touched by this act of sacrifice? How could I not love this God? How could I not follow this God?

This is my public response and declaration to MY God! My loving Father and Savior! My precious Holy Spirit!

Even if I do not see the things I have asked for

Even if I lose all that I have

Even if loved ones walk away

Even if I am persecuted

Even if I walk alone….just you and me

I will follow.

But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. 8More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ,…Philippians 3:7

I love you daddy God!

2 thoughts on “Even if…

  1. trscott003 says:

    Pastor Carman, this is the fruit of your labor and the reason that the enemy fights against the Children of God so much. He knows that when you birth a powerful message at this level of transparency; many believers eyes will come open to the reality that God loves us with a special love. The type of love that gives his life for those who didn’t trust him or love him from the beginning. He see and knows that we are trying our best to serve and please him; so he give us more grace to endure the hardships of life. Best of all, he is proud of us when we then come into the level of maturity that we can say, “Even If” we are going to continue to serve him.

    You have allow us to see ourselves through your trails and sufferings. Truthfully, many of us believers have doubts, worries and concerns that we don’t even address publicly. However, it’s people like yourself that remain real; and allow us to see the reality of some times it gets hard to make a stand for God with so many uncertainties. The problem for us is never, do we believe God will move for others, however, our questions is, will he move for me. The message of “Even If” is the back-bone to the Christian Believer quest of learning how to trust God. As you mentioned, in order for the believer to reach the “Even If” mentality; we have got to go through many trials and tribulations in order for that to be worked in our lives. No one starts out believing God in a for everything without having a strong relationship with God. Even Jesus had to wax bold in the scripture in order to know who he was and to this end, what his purpose was on earth.

    God is allowing all of his believers that have a call in their life to be broken, (tried in their mind, body and spirit) so that like the alabaster box was cracked open to be used by the woman to anoint Jesus for his burial; we to must be dealt and broken in order to be a blessing to the Body of Christ.

    God Bless you for such a dynamic and powerful word Pastor Carman. Your suffering has brought us to a point of examining ourselves to see if we have matured to the point of “Even If.”

    I truly bless the Lord for you Pastor Carman,

    Apostle Tearched H. Scott III


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