For Today


I am calling to you from a spiritual high place to come up here! Many of you have lost hope and have become disappointed because you have not received what you desire in the natural, physical realm. But, I say to you that your investment in life must not be in temporary things that will soon pass away, but rather in being one with Me, says the Lord. When your faith is in what you want Me to do for you instead just wanting Me, it is misplaced. Now is the time to have a change of heart.

2 Corinthians 4:18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

4 thoughts on “For Today

  1. Ashley says:

    Tony. I just read your post. You are worthy of everything God created for you. Based on scripture we are told that we are the reightousness of Christ. Royalty! If your not already doing this please start claiming money to come in, your Health to line up with the Word of God and His revelation knowledge to be known. Jesus already died on the cross and gave all of this to His Children. That’s you and me. The Will has already been set and your debts paid. Start speaking to that mountain and tell it to get out of the way. Take authority over Satan and tell him to get behind you in the name of Jesus! That’s what a Prince under or Father God does. Go Tony! Go! It’s already yours. Claim it my friend. God bless you and your family. Ash :).


    • Tony ; determined Believing BIG Man of GOD says:

      Gods blessings, Thank You Miss Ashley, Gods blessings all over you.

      I have been, I am, I do, I have been claiming asking and in constant prayers every day.
      Sadly things have gone past the due dates. No matter how hard I try, things are not coming together. I do claim those promises, I am grateful and humble for all that God has done for my life. I claim GODs deliverance from this season of poverty. I claim GODS help in fighting these battles. I claim total victory in all these set backs in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

      with all that I have been dealing with, so many set backs and disappointments, people who have gone out of their way to hurt me, I feel very discouraged. I have to ask; am I doing something wrong ? has God forsaken me?


  2. Ashley says:

    That touched my heart. How many times do we ask God over and over for what we want Instead of what He wants for His people? In any relationship it has to be a give and take of love and respect. If all we do is want and take that does not make a very healthy relationship.


  3. Tony ; determined Believing BIG Man of GOD says:

    Gods Love and blessings. I am in agreement, we must focus on the important things above, the foundations of Love Peace Joy Kindness, the fruits of the spirit. Our walk and fellowship with God.

    It becomes very frustrating when the very basics of what we need every day becomes a serioius issue. As GOD has said over and over through out His Word how he provides will provide for his children, his chosen, those who call upon HIM with a loving open humble heart, God says he will provide.
    I can not speak for other but in using my walk and my life as one example; I have giving my heart soul mind and strength over to Loving and trusting GOD Almighty. I pray giving GOD praise and thankful prayers every day and night. Throughout my day I thank GOD I am praying in the Spirit. I thank GOD for everything. God has and does answer prayers, my prayers have been answered on so many occasions. I am thankful and very humble that GOD has answered my prayers.

    Then i am faced with situations; I receive answers to my prayers; I needed food, for some reason my income was being delayed, or stopped. I was very very humbled and blessed to receive boxes of food enough for my children and my self. Praise GOD.
    Due to these outside problems, my utilities were cut off on my birthday. Now the blessings i received had to be thrown away. I lost about a months worth of food.
    It seems the more I pray asking GOD thanking GOD for His help, The more help I end up needing.
    The blessings I receive the more they are taken away. This is becoming extremely frustrating.
    I have been blessed with abundance enough to help others in need. Now for some reason I am finding myself in this situation. Again this is an example of the problems I am facing. From conversations with other believers, this seems to be a normal state of life.
    This is why so many Christian believers are becoming more and more discouraged in their faith.

    I pray for what ever it is that i may have done to lose favor with GOD to be able to be forgiven.
    I pray for those who are in like minded agreement to receive GODS blessings love favor, grace, joy and peace continue to pour all over their hearts.
    I am truly thankful for ALL that GOD has provided for me, I pray that GOD will help me, if I am worth to receive His grace to receive blessings according to HIS Will. I pray thanking GOD for all of this in the name of JESUS CHRIST. amen.


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