The Seven Doors &The Key

Seven doors are open in heaven for spiritual perfection. Word of wisdom, Word of knowledge which gives understanding. The gift of faith which gives us the faith that Jesus had. Gift of healings, The working of miracles, Prophecy, The discerning of spirits.

Greater access to the gifts and power of the Spirit will come.

The key of David is required to open these doors. Jesus has the key of David and opens these doors for us when we become those who worship in spirit and in truth like David did. Worship will position us to go through these 7 doors as the Spirit of GOD wills and he will bring us through the door of whatever gift is needed at the time.


One thought on “The Seven Doors &The Key

  1. Start DominatingSteve Jorgensen says:

    Hello Ministrygirl, I am a believer in The Lord Jesus Christ. Yesterday, I developed a new logo for my website I have no idea why I chose the 7 door photo and then added a brass key. Today I am watching some prophesy vids about Trump and the Lord prompted me to look up “the key to seven doors” so I did. I’m familiar with scripture but it didn’t even enter my mind yesterday during development, it just looked cool for like “open doors to success” kind of thing. Your site was the first I have seen so far. Now I have to figure out why God gave me that. My site is in its infancy, being branded to offer free and premium self-help products in the areas of life and business. Time to pray and re-evaluate where God wants me to go with this. I’ll continue the explore “the doors and key” on your site and others as well as my Bible. Feel free to respond. Thanks, Steve


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