Carmans Song…A testimonial poem.

You predestined me a ruby
The Holy Spirit continuously tries to clue me
into the promises you keep.
Torn between right and wrong, loving a man who can’t sing this song.
Yet, you named me, claimed me, rearranged me never left me
The path divided and long.
A virtuous woman demanding to be His destiny,
Demonic forces of Hell tryin to mess with me, making it out that I’m supposed to be
Full of fear…
Wasted 9 long years on casting these pearls before swine
is my most valuable asset,
It’s only in the Most High God I find peace and rest
Yet I claim him to be the best that you have for me ,
never asking or wanting to be
A mom and dad for my seed
Causing my inner man to bleed
Why can’t I see that Jesus is all that I need….
To complete me, treat me, never allow satan to defeat me.
A double minded man cannot receive anything from you.
Taking authority in your name, now no one can be passed the blame of making my heart
broken and blue
How many souls will be spiraled down?
As long as I walk as a fool as a clown…
Disobedient to your will, the thought of your mercy
Causes my eyes to fill…
With water,
That helped me to forgive my father and my enemies
your grace and kindness always leads me to bow down to my knees
and call and cry…
You always say
one more try
How can you overlook my sin
And see the Carman the song that lies within
I simply can’t even begin
To try and mend the parts of
devastated wounds of hearts.
Still you’ve called me as a woman forsaken
broken in spirit surviving and shaken

You disallow me to get overtaken
by the thief that attempts to creep in on me during my sleep
and cause me alarm, but your right arm
keeps me safe from harm
This vision you gave me could never enslave me
you’re a gentleman like that
give ya the shirt off my back.
Looking back at lost love and pain
will always cause this spirit to get off track
I lean on my heavenly Father to jerk and purge out the slack
that pulls me toward the mire
It’s not my hearts desire, to be away
from your loving rain
your Spirit keeps my mind sane.
All the love I thought I gave was in vain
Can I come to know you in your fullest state?
wiping clean my slate, full of unforgiveness and hate
realizing my potential mate?
Surely it can’t be too late…
Don’t wanna get left behind
Coming to know…
And only to find…
has been…

2 thoughts on “Carmans Song…A testimonial poem.

  1. Melissa says:

    honey bunny…opening your heart and soul like are a miracle! Thank You for giving all that you’ve got! You wont EVER be forgot!

    Ms. Melissa 🙂


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