Yep and a smiley face

Over the past month I have been trying to help my daughter get a list of paperwork ad records together for her healthcare class. The list had things like record of her latest physical, a TB test, drug test, immunization record as well as a criminal background check.

We headed to the Dr. office and got all the necessary testing done. While in the Dr. office the nurse ended up telling me that my daughter was behind on her shots.Well I knew that she had just gotten some shots when we were living in Florida a couple of years prior, so I asked the nurse if those same shots were noted in her system, she said they were…. so my daughter ended up getting 5 shots that day… OUCH! What was even more painful was to end up finding that they had immunized her based on someone elses record, a girl with the same name as my daughter. Needless to say, this put the brakes on getting this info to her school in time. Over the next few weeks I spent 4 to 5 hours on the phone and shooting out emails between Florida and Georgia to get the whole situation straight. Finally , deadline day came and she had to have all this stuff faxed to her school by 3:00, only one problem  they gave me the same young lady’s immunization record AGAIN! Uggh! So were down to the wire now, and my daughter is texting me from school over and over asking for the papers. If she didnt have them in time she wouldn’t be able to participate in the clinicals for her class. Finally after a 2 hour convo with Florida…. they faxed it ! So I text my daughter to tell her ” HEY THEY ARE SENDING IT NOW!” ! Okay, a few hours go by and finally I realized I hadn’t heard from her so I sent another text asking…” Did you get it?”

A very unexpected response….. “YEP… :0)”

I was speechless!, ” OMG you have to be kidding me!” I thought. I just went through heck and back trying to get this stuff for her and al she  could say was YEP… and a smiley face! ??? Man, If she only knew how long I have been working on this for her and how much I had to go through to get it done!

Not very long after I had started off on my hissy fit…. The Lord showed me something.

How many times has God orchestrated things for us behind the scenes to bring a blessing into our lives, and gotten not much more than a “YEP and a smiley face”? I thought to myself, God wonderfully maneuvers and orchestrates things for us on our behalf and He does this without going against anyone elses will in the process! My God!

Sometimes God doesn’t even get the Yep and a smiley face…. A lot of the time we pat ourselves on the back and appreciate ourselves for what God has done.

It really made me so aware of the work God is always doing that we can’t always see, until we get the end result.

So from now on I have been praying ” Lord I just want to thank you so much for all the things that I can’t see or sense you doing on my behalf, to work things out in my favor!”

Yep! that’s what I’m gonna do ;0)

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