Missing the mark!

Last night I was watching a Pastor teaching a message on TV. As I was listening to the message I thought about someone that I had a “strong disagreement” with that day and said to myself” Man THEY need to be listening to this!”

It was at that point that the Lord stopped me in my critical tracks and said

” When you are reading, or listening to My Word, focus on how it applies to YOU first!”  I was like WOW! I started to think about the NUMEROUS occasions that I had been sitting in church, hearing a message and then said the same thing ..” So and so should have been here today!” As if God hadn’t intended on my being there to hear it for me!

It really made me think about how many things I have missed out on that God was trying to say to me because I wasn’t listening… for me! How many changes could have come through obeying what He was trying to say …to ME!

So today before i began reading my Bible I prayed and asked God to help me focus on what He is trying to say to ME through His Word.

Thank you Jesus!

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